5 Important Reasons to Choose LAPC Networking

  1. We share our client’s perspective. We have the same outlook, values and concerns as the organizations we serve. Our recommendations include only proven solutions that are carefully chosen to meet established requirements and budget. We look for opportunities to leverage your existing infrastructure and strive to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership by designing scalable solutions for long-term viability and performance.
  2. We’re business-minded. We understand the factors that are important to success in running an organization. Like how to make sound investments while controlling cost, or how to manage projects, stick to a timeline and minimize disruptions. We have successfully applied these tried and true principles every day, since 2011, working hand-in-hand with our clients and the way they do business.
  3. We think strategically. We take a big picture view of each project. We anticipate that, just like technology itself, every client’s needs will change over time. So when we design a solution, we always consider issues like organizational growth, as well as the addition of new applications and services. The valuable planning considerations that are part of our designs — including inter-operability, upgradeability and scalability — allow you to take advantage of new technologies and maximize each of your IT investments.
  4. We’re flexible. We believe that in order to serve each client’s best interest, you have to be able to offer both options and flexibility. Our depth and breadth of technology expertise, plus a variety of manufacturers’ solutions, enable us to effectively address each client’s unique environment and budget. We offer support ranging from complete IT department services, to project-based services where we augment your own internal IT staff. So, whatever your IT resources, we’re ready to help at a variety of levels.
  5. We’ve earned trust through hard work and experience. We provide our clients with seasoned professionals that hold the right credentials, along with a broad base of practical industry experience. Our time-tested philosophy is that by hiring and training the best people, and continually refining our service processes, we strengthen our business and yours.