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Complete list of Computer Network Services In-Office Consultation and Estimates
We will take a free look at your Computers/Server/Network devices to see what we could offer and help you with, and then we will give you and FREE Estimate. Computer Networks/New Computer Networks
We design and install any computer network based on your office or home needs and Debug Computer Networks
Don’t waste time with system crashes, network errors and other problems. We can quickly troubleshoot and debug computer networks (with or without servers) that have been neglected or improperly installed and we will also ensure that your computer systems are as reliable and problem-free as they can be. Computer Network Upgrades
We can upgrade existing computer networks for more security, capability and capacity. After taking a look at your existing network we will provide you recommendations and a not obligation proposal. Network Maintenance and Support
Scheduled maintenance and inspection to your network/computers is recommended to minimize down-time. System cleaning, backup systems, hardware testing and file defragmentation will help ensure that your system will continue to run smoothly. Emergency Computer Network Support
We usually provide same-day emergency service. Without your computer systems, you can be losing money. It is our intention to get your systems back up and working as quick as is humanly possible. Data and Files Organization
Searching for important files on a disorganized file system could result on real time-waster. We can help you get your files organized on your network so that you know where to go when looking for a specific file.

LAPC Networking was founded by Tino Perez, IT Professional with a passion for technology. Our team provides comprehensive computer networking solutions for your every day technical and IT needs.  Our LAPC Networking technicians are Comp TIA Certified and well-trained in Windows, Android and Apple devices. We provide superior customer service, a fast turnaround time and a friendly staff who are extremely knowledgeable in providing solutions to all you IT needs.